Planning & Land Administration


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An introduction to community planning and land administration in Nunavut, this course will provide the student with an overview of the role of the Planning & Lands Administrator in the planning, the land application process, execution of documents, and procedures required in order to lease and acquire land within municipal boundaries.

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This course covers the process of community planning and the documents and procedures needed to plan and regulate land use.  Topics include: the community planning process, plan preparation, implementation, administration, enforcement, zoning by-laws, development applications, public participation and land development.

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The focus of this course will be on the acquisition and disposal of municipal land. This course will provide participants with an understanding of how to prepare land administration contracts, and how to dispose of municipal lands.

Fees: Registration Fees for all of the MTO's online courses will be 5 days, though the course is run over a 3-week period.  This fee is currently set at $300 for municipal employees and most GN employees.  This is the total cost for the course and all course materials.

The course gives an overview of drafting and graphics techniques.  Participants will learn to prepare sketches suitable for lease contracts.  The basic & practical elements of surveying will also be examined, including finding the location of legal survey pins and the layout of the building envelopes on typical residential lots.

Continuing from Land Admin 1, topics will include planning and developing new lots, land pricing, land revenue invoicing and collection, property taxation and assessment, negotiating and enforcing land contracts, quarry administration and management, land use permits and environmental issues.