New President at the MTO

New President at the MTO

The MTO Staff and Board of Directors would like to thank Ed Murphy for his dedication and service as President of the Nuanvut Municipal Training Organization. 

Under Mr. Murphy's direction through 2011-2013, the MTO has been able to add 2,000 more training days, six new partnerships and a plethora of courses that have never been delivered in Nunavut, despite the need!

Mr. Murphy retired as President of the MTO and as Senior Administration Officer with the Hamlet of Arviat on May 30th, 2013.  He will be missed.

Despite the loss of Mr. Murphy, the MTO is excited to announce the new President of the MTO; Ron Mongeau.  Mr. Mongeau is the Senior Adminsitration Officer for the Hamlet of Pangnirtung and a long-time northerner.  He has worked closely with the MTO on many different projects in the past and some innovative projects currently under development!  Most notably, Mr. Mongeau was the driving force and technical advisor for the new Nunavut Radio Operator course.  While this course is still in the final stages of development, the MTO will be able to launch the first delivery this fall under the direction of Mr. Mongeau.

The MTO staff and Board of Directors welcome Mr. Mongeau to his new post and look forward to working with him in the weeks and months ahead.