Search and Rescue - Coordinator

This program will cover the administration duties that are associated with Ground Search and Rescue.  The items covered under Basic and Advance criteria are a pre-requisite for the COORDINATOR Level course.  Each of training session is anticipated to run 4 days; in class (theory).

Participants must be members of the Local Ground Search and Rescue Organization or Senior Search Coordinators in the municipality that are responsible for Ground Search and Rescue coordination and management.

Teaching Blocks


  • Advanced Responsibilities in leadership areas.
  • Experience in Search leadership.


  • Knowledge/recognition of responsibilities involved
  • Preplanning Site Management (Establishment of Command Post and Logistics)
  • Record-Keeping (Tracking People and Equipment)
  • Managing the Search Function
  • Planning
  • Execution
  • Demobilization (specific)
  • Nunavut vs. Urban or Wilderness Search: similarities and differences

The program will include a workbook for each student and will be taught in a combination of power point lectures, hands on demonstrations and practical exercises. We would require a supplied bilingual supplemental instructor to assist with the delivery of the course.


Date: Jan 21, 2019 to Jan 24, 2019 (view schedule) Location: Iqaluit