Fire and Life Safety Educator

This 3 day course will be the NFPA 1031 course, which is designed to provide the skills necessary to deliver and co-ordinate Fire and Life Safety Education at various levels within a community.

This course will outline the curriculum development and give general guidelines for planning successful presentations. It will familiarize you with information on what motivates people to learn and how people learn differently. Other topics will include learning characteristics of different age groups, educational materials, selection and program evaluation, working co-operatively with other community agencies, finding and using resources and working with the media.

Candidates will be required to provide a 30 minute public education presentation to the class. Candidates must achieve 75% on the practical evaluation to be issued a certificate accredited by IFSAC & ProBoard in compliance with NFPA 1031.

Minimum requirement: Must have at minimum completed Firefighter Level 1 (Nunavut OFM). Must be an active member of the Community Fire Department.

Limited amount of students 12 (1 per community unless additional openings are available).

Bunker Gear is NOT required.

No classes currently scheduled for this course