Pump Operations A

This course is designed for fire services personnel to develop skills in the operations of fire pumpers. Candidates will learn the operating principles of centrifugal and positive displacement pumps, the advantages and disadvantages of front mounted, mid-ship, cross mounted and power take-off drive and pumping operations such as drafting, pumping from a hydrant and relay pumping. Also involved will be the basic friction loss calculations to determine minimum pump pressure.

The training also involves operation of a fire apparatus using the 5 part NFPA apparatus road test, this includes, backing, the S turn test, diminishing clearance, 180 degree turns and restrictive clearance driving. The students will have to demonstrate their ability to operate pumps from the booster tank, from draft and from a pressurized hydrant system. This training will involve many hours of practical skills there for turnout gear is mandatory for this training. We will also go into great detail on operation of an apparatus including pump drive systems, pump priming, safety systems, general equipment preventive maintenance and hydraulics.

No classes currently scheduled for this course