Targeted Training


Courses in the Targeted category vary from year to year. Training is designed to meet the direct needs of the municipalities.  The specific needs are identified through the MTO’s annual Training Needs Survey, a detailed analysis of previous years’ deliveries, and through direct requests from the municipalities themselves as the year progresses. Occasionally the MTO is asked to conduct training by a partner and should the partner contribute the entire costs of this training, the MTO will be able to accommodate the requests.

This categotry of training requires the flexibility to respond directly to the pulse of the community.  


Check Dates

Times: 8:30AM-5PM

Location: MTO Office Building 155

Do you want to take a key role and help your community move ahead? Join us and become a Comprehensive Community Planner.

Comprehensive Community Planning (CCP) Course Description

MTO has designed this course to build a specialized Nunavut community of ComprehensiveCommunity Planners.Nunavut communities are as unique as the individuals that live in them. There is not one

solution that will fit every community.