Arena Operator, Custodial and Natural Ice Maintaining

The 5 day Recreation Facility Operators Course will cover 3 basic needs for Facility grassroots workers.  The first is for Arena Maintenance including ice painting, the second component will be Life Cycle Risk Management, understanding the life cycle of your facility and identifying and dealing with risk issues, then it will finish up with a 2 day workshop on Supervisory Skills, where participants will understand managing yourself, managing work, managing people and managing situations.

Arena Facility Operators Course 1 – this 2 day workshop will cover ice maintenance issues including, applying white paint, scaling measurements for lines, drawing and painting lines, flooding techniques, shaving, hole and chip repair, edging, basic types of refrigeration and installing logos.

Life Cycle – Risk Management – is a 1 day workshop will cover off the Life Cycle of a facility, understanding the stages of a facilities life, and then move into understanding Risks associated with the facility including Risk Management, how insurance plays a role, who is responsible, minimizing risks, legal responsibility compared to moral responsibility, etc.

Supervisory Skills – This 2 day workshop will cover the following objectives: to gain an understanding of supervisory styles: to learn the key elements of supervision including; managing yourself; managing work; managing people; managing situations: to evaluate personal skills: and to experience supervision techniques.

This year we added a one day course on how to create and maintain natural ice.

No classes currently scheduled for this course