Effective Writing Skills Workshop

This workshop is focused on the introduction of best practices, modern techniques and established strategies to improve the process of business or professional writing, Overall, the result is a more professional and polished product: written documents aligned to your readers’ needs.


Learning outcomes to include:

  • Create a positive and neutral tone to soothe complicated work relationships
  • Draft whole documents quickly; how to create, edit and upsell
  • Increase your overall writing confidence through skills practice
  • Receive one-on-one feedback from your instructor
  • Exchange peer feedback on i-course writing
  • Use your improved writing to resolve work-based conflicts
  • Define technical writing and how to best apply its to your on-the-job writing
  • Work with in-house templates – not against them
  • Create clean and read-focussed first drafts of proposals
  • Focus on your readers’ needs and exceed them
  • Orient your documents to the WIIFM’’s of your readers
  • Organize and evaluate technical data/ideas
  • Summarize complex issues with authority
  • Learn how to efficiently and quickly edit your documents


Participants must bring their own writing samples for self-assessment to the course.

Location: TBC

Hours: 8:30AM-5:00PM

No classes currently scheduled for this course