Municipal Enforcement Officer Seminar

This seminar will involve three phases of training:

1. Gap Anaylsis & Association Building - This phase will provide all participants with the opportunity to contribute to all future Municipal Enforcement Officer training by the MTO.  Participants will work with the MTO to determine what specific goals should be set for the training of Nunavut's Bylaw Officers, Municipal Enforcement Officers and Peace Officers.  Participants will also be present for the creation of a territorial association that represents their interests at higher levels of government.  This will involve the the establishment of association bylaws, election of officers and scheduling of association timelines.  This phase will also include discussions with the RCMP V Division, the Government of Nunavut's Dept of Justice and also a session with a municipal court Justice of the Peace to discuss the participant's role and the Nunavut Court of Justice.

2. Dispute Resolution Training - This phase will include topics such as

  • A. Sources and Types of Conflict,
  • B. Basic Tools of Conflict Resolution
  • C. Conflict Resolution Processes
  • D. Cross-Cultural Implications

3. Canadian Firearms Safety Course (CFSC) - This phase will involve the actual handling of firearms and the instruction of the CFSC.  It is designed to give the participant a working knowledge of safe firearms handling and familiarity with the laws and procedures regarding gun ownership and handling in Canada.  Participants without a Non-Restricted Firearms Licence will be able to get their licence through this course if it is needed.

No classes currently scheduled for this course